▶ Company chief executive officers in all sectors of activities
▶ Managers of survey and services offices, analysis laboratories
▶ Packaging
▶ Searchers and training centre managers
▶ Automotive and transportation
▶ Purchasing managers
▶ Safety and security
▶ Electromechanical
▶ Office equipment
▶ Medical and healthcare
▶ Hotel & restaurant business
▶ Raw material transformers
▶ Manufacturers and users of plastic products
▶ Building, electric, electronic and mechanical engineering
▶ Chemistry and plastics engineers
▶ Household products
▶ Telecommunications
▶ Plastic processors
▶ Extrusion and thermoforming
▶ Injection moulding and blow moulding
▶ Stretch blow moulding
▶ Industrial users of plastic packaging
▶ Packaging manufacturers


Marketing efforts have been planned to generate enormous attraction for the event in the Middle East and North Africa, CIS countries and the Sub-continent.

Every media channel, including trade & general invitations, e-mail & fax shots, personalised invitations, print, electronic and outdoor media, will be utilised in the best possible way to market the show.